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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eel and Pastel de Nata

So today we went to the grocery store. My uncle says in the nineties, they didnt even have peanut butter or bread. so you could only have PB and J with jelly..... and thats it. Heres a picture from the grocery store. Yes, thats an eel.

Did I mention how much the Portuguese eat? Because they eat a lot. Im surprised more arent really fat. Aside from all of the eel they eat, this is also a favorite desert. So good...
pastel de nata

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  1. that is called a custard cake and not a chinese custard cake since the chinese took the recipe from the portuguese pastel de nata cake and developed into a worst cake. you should try the pastel the belem in lisbon which they are the best pastel de nata available in we go for the fish,yes candy its a fish but its not an eel. this fish is called peixe espada preto wich means translated word by word into portuguese language,`black sword fish`, but it is not sword fish since the sword fish in portugal is called `espadarte`.the proper name in english is `scabbard fish` but portuguese restaurants do make a mistake translating them to sword fish because they dont know the proper word. eel are like snakes and this fish is flat,the black espada fish comes from the portuguese islands called madeira in the atlantic and the silver one called white espada comes from the portuguese coast.this fish lives very deep inthe sea and that iw hy is a rare fish to catch.the taste of it resembles more lemon sole but more saturated in fat.its my favourite fish.